The keys to a successful marriage.

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

The keys to a successful marriage are openness and honesty.

And lies, obviously.

Telling lies is super important. Not big lies! Only inconsequential ones. Little white lies. Take my dress: that’s a lie, but it’s a lie told every day by thousands of brides. It’s okay for me to wear…

Graphic art from 1940. A glamorous woman leans seductively towards the young sailor in uniform sitting next to her.
Detail from the British wartime propaganda poster, “Tell nobody — not even her.” Public Domain

In Rememberance (2021)

“I’m not doing that for half a crown! It’s sixpence extra.”

Have you ever watched yourself making love?

Why am I even asking? This is… 2021, is it? You’ve probably filmed yourself with your telephone, and used an internet to let other people watch you. But imagine you’re living in the ’40s. The 1940s, not the 2040s; you don’t want to…

The friendliest city in the world. Official.

The city of Glasgow in the foreground, with the looming, snow-covered hills of the Campsie Fells in the background.
The Campsie Fells

From where I’m sitting I can see four cathedrals, a huge steel pimple, more trees than buildings, a motorway, a nineteenth century library, sixty-four windmills, a giant crane, a neighbour’s bathroom, one hundred and three other neighbours’ bathrooms, tenements, tower blocks, mansions and manses, and the Campsie Fells, because I…

He spoons me, whispering affection in my ear while his love cools on my thigh.

A young Korean woman looking through a wire fence. Only her head and bare shoulders can be seen. The fence is out of focus, making her face visible but a little hazy.
Photo by ToT on Unsplash

CN: references to bullying; implied suicide.

Anyone can be a wangtta:, an outcast, a victim of bullies. In my town it has been me, for nearly six years. On my first day of high school I used the wrong honorific, to the wrong girl, at the wrong time. She slapped…

I won the 2021 Blogable Fiction Marathon. Here’s why I entered, and why maybe you should try next time.

A winner’s medal.

What’s so great about the Blogable Fiction Marathon?

No one knows.

And that’s the beauty of it: authors don’t know what they might be asked to write, the jury don’t know whose writing they’re assessing, and the public don’t know whose stories they’re voting for.

There’s a real, slightly scary…

There isn’t much I’d consider off-limits as wanking fodder.

Nigella Lawson cooking and saying, “I feel I need an ungainly squirt.”

He’s sitting at the table, his eyes glued to a screen, which is normal. And his hand is moving rapidly in his lap — also not unusual. But when I surprise him by joking, “You started without me!” …

Marsha Adams

Autistic author of psychological smut and philosophical filth. Usually found hiding behind a book.

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