Something Wicked This Way Comes

I like girls with freckles, I can play join-the-dots with my cum

Marsha Adams
5 min readSep 5, 2021

A bewitching young woman with red hair and freckles.
Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

“I think I’ll fuck you tonight.”

I might let him, because he’s hot and I’m in the mood for some male energy, but I like to play hard to get. “Is that right? What’s your name, cowboy?”

He looks at me like I asked what year it was. “Tony Bouchier? LAToned on TikTok and Insta? I’m kind of a big deal. Millions of thirsty girls follow me, and right now they all wish they were you.”

“I bet they do, stud. So why me, and not one of your countless groupies?”

“My ambition is to fuck a girl from every country in the world. I’m going to make you my Miss Scotland.”

“Lucky me! But we’re in Scotland. This club’s full of Scottish girls. So again, why me?”

His fingers brush my cheek. “You’ve got freckles. I like girls with freckles, I can play join-the-dots with my cum.”

Oh boy, this guy’s a real sweetheart. I am definitely going to fuck him. “Suppose we did hook up, Tony. How would it go down?”

“You play soccer here, right? When I fuck, every hole’s a goal, and I always score a hat-trick. I’ll use your ass first so you know who owns you, then your cunt so I can ruin it for anyone else, then your mouth so you can taste your other holes. I’ll finish on your face and take a picture of you with superstar cum dripping off your chin for my world tour album.”

“Ew! If it did happen it would be mouth, pussy, then arse. And you’d end inside me.”

He grins. “Deal!”

“Easy, tiger! I said ‘if’. Where would this happen, if it happened? Your place, or mine?”

“Neither. This club has unisex bathrooms. We can do it in a stall.”

“You want to fuck me in the bogs, like a cheap slut?”

“You are a slut, I knew that as soon as I saw you. I’ve got a talent for scouting out sluts.”

That might be his only talent; he’s certainly got neither charm nor patter. But he does have something I want. “Is your dick as big as your ego, superstar?”

Marsha Adams

Autistic author. Usually found hiding behind a book.