Nothing tastes sweeter than post-rescue cum

The head and shoulders of a young woman wearing nothing but gold face and body paint.
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“So you can fly… And? Loads of people fly. There are at least two mutants who could pick up a full 737 and fly it around the world in under an hour. Superpowers are mundane. If you want to stand out, I need to promote you. Who is Goldwing, really? I want to show the world the woman beneath the costume.”

He has a point. It feels like we get a new superhero every day since The Event. I’m trying to break into a crowded market, which is why my agent hired a promotions manager.

But my costume also has…

I like girls with freckles, I can play join-the-dots with my cum

A bewitching young woman with red hair and freckles.
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“I think I’ll fuck you tonight.”

I might let him, because he’s hot and I’m in the mood for some male energy, but I like to play hard to get. “Is that right? What’s your name, cowboy?”

He looks at me like I asked what year it was. “Tony Bouchier? LAToned on TikTok and Insta? I’m kind of a big deal. Millions of thirsty girls follow me, and right now they all wish they were you.”

“I bet they do, stud. So why me, and not one of your countless groupies?”

“My ambition is to fuck a girl from every…

A neon sign saying I love people
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Short Story, Erotica

It’s warm, and it’s wet, and it would welcome your touch. Can you picture it?

My husband and I aren’t religious, but we are spiritual. We feel uplifted by the energy and intimacy of communal worship, so we sometimes attend services of faiths we don’t follow.

Paul heard about a new community, The Disciples of Joy, who are supposed to be very informal and welcoming, and he was keen for us to try them out, so he’s brought me to the old St Mary Magdalene on Duke Street.

It’s more popular now than when it was a Catholic church. There’s a small queue outside — mostly students from the nearby residences — and a number…

I can’t stop thinking about the bull, and what he does when he’s put in with a heifer.

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I went into the milking shed again and watched him work. This time I wore a shorter skirt to show off my calves, and I stood so close to him his hair nearly brushed my bodice when he straightened up. He’s still ignoring me.


While I was filling a pail at the pump, I splashed my skirt so it clung to my legs, then I went to the milking shed again. I know he looked at me this time.

I think he did.


I undid the top two buttons of my bodice before I went into the…

A hand resting on a wall. The tip of one finger is inside a wedding ring.
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Erotica, Short Story

I said he had a perfect cock; I never said he was smart.

We had a traditional wedding: Ray endowed me with all his worldly goods, and I vowed to obey. That worked for us. Obedience took me to places I might not have chosen to explore, but if I didn’t enjoy myself he never gave me that command again. We were happy.

Eventually our careers conflicted, and we drifted apart. When the end came, it was amicable: no petty squabbles over who got which of our shared belongings. I did remind him of his vow though, because there was one worldly good of his I wanted to keep : the most good…

Laughter is the best anti-depressant, but semen is also good.

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The dog is silent: he’s in a huff because we’ve stolen his style.

I’ve had an audience before, and usually it adds excitement, but I haven’t been watched with such profound disappointment since that day my mother came home early and stood shell-shocked in the living room doorway while I bounced on the neighbour boy. The dog reminds me of her, slack-jawed and drooling. I don’t blame her: that boy was hung like a mule.

Milo is a wee terrier, tiny but tenacious. He won’t stop until he gets what he wants. So all poor Rover can do is stare…

A previously stern woman sits at her desk smiling broadly.
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Erotic Series

Trying is all I demand of my girls; that, and succeeding.

Emily Rogers, who shows more promise as a sex slave than a student, has already earned an E, deserved a D, completed a C, and bagged a B grade for her submission.

“What would I have to do to get an A, professor?”

I believe I could ask for almost anything at this point, and she would acquiesce. But I have a lesson plan, and I’m going to stick to it.

“Balancing concentrated, determined effort with an adequate amount of amusement isn’t enough to guarantee an A, Ms Rogers. The best students are aware of the limits of their abilities…

A previously stern woman sits at her desk with a slight smile.
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Erotic Series

I like my girls to be switches, it provides more opportunities for group assignments.

Emily Rogers, who shows more promise as a sex slave than a student, has already earned her E, deserved a D, and completed a C grade submission.

“Achieving a B requires more than concentrated, determined effort, Ms Rogers. Efficient students manage their time, balancing work and play rather than avoiding work to play with boys. So, let’s examine the idea of balance. Take your top off.”

For the first time, Emily shows genuine reluctance: she hugs her arms protectively over her chest. “Do I have to? Someone might see.”

“Young lady, you are standing in front of a second story…

“Would you believe that some women take pictures of themselves naked, for the pleasure of strange men?”

A couple sitting on a park bench in front of a lake. The man has his arm around the woman.
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In the year or so since my divorce I’ve used mostly vanilla dating apps, so kink is a common topic of conversation on a second or third date, which then turns out to be the last date when otherwise promising men ghost me. But sometimes the subject comes up on the first date…

John’s profile had potential: he was a mid-forties police officer, fit, smartly dressed, and into reading, cooking, and hiking. More importantly, he gave off those subtle Dom vibes. When I messaged him he was polite enough, and we arranged to meet in the park on Sunday afternoon.

A stern woman sitting at a desk ties back her hair as through she means business.
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Erotic Series

You went commando this evening so I’d know you were willing to do whatever you needed to.

“The effort and determination you’ve shown have earned you a passing grade, Ms Rogers. How do you feel about changing a D into a C?”

I’ve exposed her in return for an E, and I disciplined her with a wooden ruler for a D, so she’s rightly suspicious. Her eyes narrow as she tries to work out what a C grade might require.

“Will I have to lick your — ”

“Emily! I am shocked at your suggestion! Although if you ever wish to discuss it further, you know my office hours. No, this is a tutorial on the attributes…

Marsha Adams

Autistic author of psychological smut and philosophical filth. Usually found hiding behind a book.

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